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Occupational Therapy

"Our aim is to develop skills, participation in everyday life, and independence in a person centred and measurable way. We are passionate that our work is of the highest quality and is evidence based and that those people we work with are both delighted and energised by the results of our intervention."

Sheena Hardwick - Managing Director



Meet & Greet

We understand that occupational therapy input is varied and requires a needs led approach. 

We offer a complimentary meet and greet session with your potential OT before finalising a quote based on your needs or the needs of your client.


Client Led Goals

At your first session, your OT will complete an initial assessment and then be able to develop bespoke goals and aims centred around your specific needs.

This ensures that our OT knows exactly what you want to achieve and is able to conduct a holistic approach to your therapy.

These goals will be frequently reviewed to identify progress and potential barriers to achieving them.


Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is central to our practice. This ensures the person we work with is central to all decision making and intervention; our practice is evidence based and effective; our work is audited and we undertake frequent supervision, training and continuing professional development (CPD) and we carefully consider risk management within our practice in a positive and proactive way.

Clinical specialisms within the team include:

  • Children, young people and adults of all ages

  • Neurological conditions including cerebral palsy

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Highly complex needs

  • Chronic conditions

  • Housing, equipment and adaptations

  • Sensory Integration Therapy

  • Moving and handling

  • Training support workers.

Supporting Case Managers

At Sherwood Therapy Services, we are experienced at working closely with case managers to support their clients. We will support you with finding the best fit for your client and ensure that they will be an asset to any MDT.

Working Together on Project


Office Support Hub

We have a knowledgeable office team who are on hand to support case managers with new and ongoing cases. The team are friendly, approachable and always happy to help.  


Supervision & CPD

We employ a hand-picked team of highly trained and qualified professionals guaranteeing high standards of care across many areas of expertise.

Our therapists receive regular clinical supervision giving them time to reflect on their cases. This process ensures the use of the whole teams' experience and expertise when required.


Quality Assurance

We have very strict internal review procedures for reports which include an in house proofreading service. We also have a bank of resources which we share with our associates to ensure that all of our reports are cohesive and of a consistently high standard.

Occupational Therapists

Lisa Norris


Lisa STS.jpg

Helena Corbett



Maxine Bell



Eleanor Hales



Lou Stubbs



Katy Hands


Hands, k. Photograph.jpeg

Marijke White
Rehabilitation Assistant


Rachel Dunn
Rehabilitation Assistant


“The feedback from staff is that Maxine is highly professional, knowledgeable, friendly and most importantly has made a massive difference to the wellbeing of some of our service users.”

Jayne Willcock, Acting Managing Director, AutismPlus

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