Sherwood Therapy Services (STS) was established to offer person centred therapy services for children and adults with complex needs. We are a team of highly qualified experts which include 3 case managers/occupation therapists, a specialist in assistive and learning technology and a nurse consultant. We provide expert care and occupational therapy reports for the purposes of litigation. We have over 70 years of experience in working with people with disabilities between us.

Sherwood Therapy Services aims to provide practical solutions to maximise skills, independence, confidence and personal satisfaction to enable the individual to reach their potential. We case manage, work as expert therapists and as expert witnesses with individuals. We recruit, manage & supervise care & therapy teams providing hands-on therapy, strategies, equipment assessment, training and advice and have expertise in housing adaptations. We are passionate about individuals reaching their potential and we goal set in partnership with the person and their family and rigorously measure progress against those goals.

Clinical governance is central to our practice. This ensures the person we work with is central to all decision making and intervention; our practice is evidence based and effective; our work is audited and we undertake frequent supervision, training and continuing professional development (CPD): we carefully consider risk management within our practice in a positive and proactive way.

We are based in Nottingham but work with clients across the UK in a variety of clinical, private, corporate and public sectors.