Sherwood Therapy Services provides case management services for individuals with complex needs including brain injury, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury both pre and post settlement.

Our model for case management is designed to make the service as cost effective as possible for the client, utilising Case Managers, Assistant Case Managers and Administrators working in collaboration within our team.

We pride ourselves on building strong therapeutic relationships based on trust, respect and empathy with our clients and those instructing us and focusing on clear therapeutic goals and cost-effective outcomes. 

We are skilled in driving a collaborative and coordinated approach to the implementation of rehabilitation plans with care and therapy teams and are highly experienced in the recruitment, training and supervision of support teams. 

We are proud of our system of record-keeping, goal setting and report writing and how we monitor case management and therapy provision against the available budgets. 

We always strive to utilise statutory provision as much as possible and interface this with private therapies and our skillset within our team enables this.